188 Main Street. Montgomery Center. Vermont. Open Thurs - Mon. 10am - 5pm.
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A Productive Environment
Happily, Vermont's frequent rainfall encourages lush green grass and forage growth. This abundance allows fiber animals to graze all summer on pasture and also provides quality hay for winter feed.

The Animals
Introduce the various fiber producing animals that we raise on our farms and homesteads:
Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Angoras & Llamas.

The Folk
Add a touch of industry by the “Folk.” Shearing the animals, cleaning the fibers, and spinning the yarn – this is work that our members and their families choose to do to help preserve a lifestyle of raising animals and taking care of the land.
The Final Products
Our agricultural endeavors are designed to be sustainable. They result in the creation of a variety of quality Vermont products that are available in our shop and studio: a cornucopia of natural and hand dyed rovings, a wealth of exquisite handspun yarns & an array of beautiful knitwear and woven items!