188 Main Street. Montgomery Center. Vermont. Open Thurs - Mon. 10am - 5pm.
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Dillner Hillside Farm
Colored Angora goats breeding stock
Montgomery, VT
Jessica Dillner -Spinner, Crocheter, Knitter
Jessica specializes in handspun yarns and garments using her naturally colored mohair. She dyes mohair locks for spinning and felting projects.
Her famous “Below Zero” hats are made of mohair/wool handspun with a soft angora bunny lining. On occasion, she offers luxurious angora goat hide rugs at the shop.

Northern Vermont Llama Co.
Llamas breeding, fiber, guardian
Waterville, VT
Lindsay Chandler -Knitter, spinner, wet felter, needlefelter, weaver
Lindsay has had llamas for over 20 years and knows how to make many things with all of that soft llama down. She has many natural colored rovings, hand dyed fleece for needle felting and handspun yarn for sale . She knits up many hats and scarves and wet felts purses. Lindsay has a good supply of millspun llama yarn in many colors for larger knitting projects.

North of the Andes Alpacas
breeding stock Alpacas
Enosburg, VT
Rhonda Henning -Spinner
Rhonda has beautiful fleeces that she dyes brightly for spinning or felting. Her handspun is delightfully bulky! She also has millspun yarn from her finest fleeced alpacas.

Will-Ewe Farm
Lyndon, VT
Laurie Willey -Spinner, Knitter
Will-Ewe Farm offers cormo raw fleeces, natural colored rovings and mill spun yarn. Cormo is a breed of sheep developed by breeding a Saxon Merino ewe with a Corriedale ram.
Laurie's speciality is yarn dyed with Kool-Aid which she knits into hats & booties. Laurie will also take orders to hand spin your rovings or her cormo rovings into beautiful one of a kind yarn.

Buzz and Honey’s Fleecy Flock
mixed breed sheep
Montgomery, VT
Cheryl Wisell -Spinner, Knitter
Cheryl offers natural colored wool rovings at the shop as well as handspun wool yarn . She knits hats and felts thick mittens . Sometimes Cheryl has lambskins for sale, white, black and gray.

Carol Farmer -Weaver, Knitter, Spinner, Wet Felter
Montgomery, VT
Carol owns more looms than the rest of us! She weaves rugs with curly Lincoln wool locks and works fine scarves. She knits and wet felts many unique hats. Carol spins yarns blended with the angora from her two bunnies.

Ruth Little -Spinner, Crocheter, Knitter
Montgomery, VT
As our resident crochet master, Ruth teaches crochet classes and supplies the shop with many slippers, scarves and ponchos. She spins a LOT of yarn on her 100 year old Canadian Production wheel. Ruth’s knit hats are a classic favorite.

Sabra Massey -Spinner, Knitter
Montgomery, VT
Sabra is our most accomplished knitter and often teaches classes with different knitting techniques. She spins great quantities of yarn from local fiber sources and makes sure there is enough for customers to make a sweater.

Amy Felske -Doll Maker
(Incipient Madness) – Montreal, PQ & Irasburg, VT
With endless creativity, Amy ALWAYS brings something new into the shop! Her mythical creatures are intricately made with a variety of materials. Shop favorites include wooly BAA sheep, flying metallic fabric dragons, mermaids with silk yarn hair and trolls with goat hair locks.

Kathy Giroux
Kathy Giroux is a fabulous knitter and consummate needle-felter. She prefers flat felting techniques and designs and crafts a marvelous array of needle-felted hangings and framed pieces. In addition, she creates shoulder. tote and handbags that are both practical and lovely to behold.
Kathy will be teaching needle-felting workshops for us!

New Arrivals

Here are pictures of some farm babies this spring! Our version of FFA - Future Fibers of America.